This week I have learnt in detail about MOOC. I heard this acronym in the first face-to-face meeting but I didn’t really know what it was about. Then, after the meeting I have asked my colleague and he explained what this MOOC means.

I have realized that my students have been taking MOOC since three years ago. They take courses offered by Coursera. Last night my student sent me an email. He was very happy that he passed the class on computer architecture. It was tough but he made it. I have never taken a MOOC but I should plan to take one. I guess that people need to try everything in their life.  I think that I will face the same problem I am having now in this class. I will ended up in taking classes and courses on Saturday and Sunday night when all the “high-priority” stuff is somehow under-control.

I have checked few lectures from MOOCs. It surprises me that video-lecturers have very different styles. This makes me happy. I thought that there was just a single way to video-lectures with slow pace and clear voice. Instead, I have realized that the most successful video-lectures have all their own style and also their preferred tools.

I think that MOOC is really something beautiful that I would never imagined when I was a kid. It is almost like in a science fiction book. Alien populations will judge our civilization on the quality of our MOOC 🙂

Joke aside, I am wondering what it will be after the MOOC thing. I think that it will be mostly based on augmented reality where reality and computer reconstruction are merged together. Something like Pokemon-go or google glasses. We will experiment things in (virtually) real conditions with superimposed images, sentences, thoughts. I think that it will be great. Maybe, it will be something different. It is late and it is difficult to think about these things.

Nice surprises of this week:

A person from South Africa posted on the google+ website a book by Salman Khan, one of my idols. I downloaded the book. Also, I went to the khan academy website an I found it very different from several years ago when I was using it. Now it is more pro. I like it better before because it was more genuine and naive. Why people need to improve things and make it not so good for some people? Anyway, I have subscribed (it was not necessary to subscribe before) and the big plus is that I receive emails from Salman some time to time. The last email I received was very cool. I printed and read it in my office. It was about why you should not say to a student that he/she is great. Nice reading.

I am learning new tools that I am going to try. I will try TED-Ed to edit my video lectures. An also I am going to experiment pixton to prepare comics for my classes. I need to check how exactly is used in the University but definitely it will be something creative.

One of the things I have learnt is that there are many MOOC platforms. In particular, class central is a big container for MOOC platforms. I will check it together with my students.

Last note: I am learning new things just monitoring google+ ONL emails. To learn something new every day makes me very happy.

PS: I finally realized in the last call that blog post should be at least 500 words to pass the class. I need to fix the first post that was OK – I guess – but not enough material :(.



4 thoughts on “MOOC

  1. Hi Stefano,

    Many thanks for your post and interesting ideas and information you shared. I found it interesting that your students have already taken MOOC, then taking MOOC is a good idea to catch up with your students:) I like Coursera and I am taking courses there as well, I think it is really good. As you said taking MOOC first time feels like reading science fiction book and it is very interesting to learn new thing. I wish you the best in your MOOC journey so far:)

    All the best,



  2. Yes! It is a beautiful idea, isn’t it? Education for everyone is an important principle for a country motivating university studies to be free to catch the most talented students. MOOC will realize this on a world-wide scale.
    Thanks for you thought


  3. I like your generous way of thinking about education for all. I believe that most of us think that way, as working at the university doesn’t exactly give us the big money! But, the thing is, how do we finance it? Who is going to pay us to develop courses that do not render any money?
    Thanks for sharing some tools!


  4. Nice to hear that your trying out new tools and MOOCs!
    I hope MOOCs can really make an impact on how education can be distributed. But there is many challenges. For instance I read that the most people who takes MOOCs are already well educated, most of them actually already had a masters degree. So there is still a question if MOOCs are helping in making education available for everybody.


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